Het Mysterie van Serton is a live action game made for the young adults living in Leidsche Rijn.

The game combines new digital media with the real physical world and the history of the neighborhood Leidsche Rijn.

Watch the case-study below for an impression of the project.

With this game we created an adventurous and mysterious story which could be experienced by the players as if they were the main characters. By the cooperative nature of the game we encouraged the players to work together and visit several locations that would tell them something about sustainability. This resulted in the players connecting with each other, the neighborhood and it’s sustainable aspects.

The story revolves around the spirit of a girl named Johanna van der Voort. She passed away in 1940 in a lake near the famous Maxima park, ‘Het Gat van Serton’. Now this same girl appeared in the two schools in Leidsche Rijn: Het Leidsche Rijn College and Het Amadeus Lyceum. A researcher named Dirk van Toom is looking for this same girl and asks the students for help. The players help Dirk to look for objects that are connected to Johanna’s past. During this search they will encounter different obstacles and story-beats. They end up being tasked to solve her mysterious death and to redeem her soul.

Here are examples of the objects the players needed to locate.

These objects contained puzzles or hidden messages. These had to be deciphered and solved in order to progress the story.

The music box that was found contained a rather complex puzzle. Eventually the notes of the song formed a sentence guiding the players towards a new location.

Players were guided to a web-page where they could find several digital puzzles and games all deeply connected to the story.

The web-page was also used as a communication platform for all the players. Here they could discuss different theories and idea’s.

An examples of one of the online puzzle was a digital game where the players had to look for traces of the ghost of Johanna.

After the players collected all the clues and connected them they were able to figure out how to redeem the soul of the girl Johanna.

The climax of the game was a live-event where the players got the chance to give Johanna her belongings and redeem her soul.

Below you can find a video impression of the final scene.